Stars Hit the Airwaves

Senior Stars at Tennant Creek were rewarded for their hard work, dedication and commitment with a trip to Alice Springs recently.

After some fun activities, including bowling, shopping and a visit to the cinema, our young women hit the airwaves at CAAMA Radio, where they met with the morning show host, dedicated a song to their fellow students, and recorded a ‘shout out’.

The station manager took them on a tour of the building and even offered the girls an exciting opportunity to train for radio broadcasting when CAAMA visits Tennant Creek later this year, which some of them are seriously considering.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to Country for Patty Mills!

Mildura Stars from our Chaffey Secondary College and Mildura Senior College programs were thrilled to perform a Welcome to Country dance for Indigenous basketball star and Olympian, Patty Mills, recently.

Patty is the son of a Torres Strait Islander man and a Kokatha woman from South Australia and was lucky enough to be born into a family surrounded by basketball, which gave him a great headstart!

His parents founded Shadows Basketball in the early 1980s, a Canberra club created to provide a sense of community, familiarity and opportunities for First Nations people through basketball.

Patty is now an international star and plays with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. He is the only Indigenous Australian to win an NBA Championship and is also a triple Olympian, representing the Australian Boomers.

Not only were our Mildura Stars thrilled to meet one of their sporting heroes, but they were also enormously proud to perform their Welcome to Country dance front of Patty and almost 100 guests. Well done, you Super Stars!

Challenge and Inspire

Last week Year 9 Stars from our Heatley program were taken on a camp to Paluma to recognise their dedication to achieving their individual goals at school.

The young women participated in a range of activities designed to challenge and inspire them, including a high-ropes course, the Leap of Faith, stand-up paddle boarding, and a 5km return hike to a waterfall.

The camp aimed to build resilience, develop skills and confidence, and strengthen trust among the girls and we were proud of the enormous support and respect they showed one another as they undertook the different challenges.

Well done, you Super Stars!


Sunrise Yoga in Darwin

Earlier this week, Stars from all our Darwin programs were up bright and early to take part in a sunrise yoga session at Dripstone Beach, as part of our focus on Wellbeing.

Haileybury Rendall School’s Head of Boarding and yoga instructor, Miss Viv, gave our Stars an insight into some basic yoga poses, stretches and breathing techniques.

This was the first time most of our young women had ever tried yoga and they were intrigued to learn about how yoga focuses on the union of mind, body and soul and helps to promote inner understanding and foster a sense of calm.

It was a beautiful morning down at the beach, and our Stars finished the yoga session off with a delicious BBQ breakfast and fruit salad, followed by a leisurely walk along the shore as the sun rose in the sky.



Learning and bonding at Mungalla

Year 9 Thuringowa Stars took part in a camp to Mungalla Station north of Townsville recently, as part of our focus on building bonds and strengthening connections between students and their Mentors.

Mungalla Station is owned and run by the Traditional Owners of this area – the Nywaigi people – and provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of the region.

The camp not only supported our Stars to develop deeper relationships with one another and their Mentors, but also focused on personal wellbeing through the exploration of healthy bush tucker and the importance of looking after country.

They also learnt about some of the history of Mungulla Station, including the Captive Lives story about two groups of Aboriginal people from the Station who were persuaded, by Barnum and Bailey’s agent, R.A. Cunningham, to take part in the Greatest Show on Earth in the USA and Europe.

The girls were shocked to learn that Aboriginal people from Palm and Hinchinbrook Islands, and from the Mungalla Station workforce, were incorporated into the show as ‘curiosities’ and portrayed as ‘Australian Cannibals and Boomerang Throwers’.


A Day in the Life of a … PE Teacher

The ‘Day in the Life’ initiative at our Tennant Creek program is designed to give young women an opportunity to explore areas of potential career interest in a more in-depth way.

This week Tennant Creek Star, Skye, had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with the Tennant Creek Primary School Physical Education teacher, both in class and behind the scenes.

“I am really interested in sports and I was keen to test the waters with the PE teacher to see whether a career in sport is really for me,” Skye says.

After spending several hours with the teacher, Skye said she was surprised at how much work, time and patience teachers put in to prepare engaging lessons for their students.

“It’s hard work, but I’m not put off. My next step is to look at pathway options over the next couple of years at high school so I’m in the best position to make a career choice,” she says.

Stars Tennant Creek Mentors will work continue to work closely with Skye – and all our Stars – to make sure they are in the best possible position to move into their chosen field of employment or further study once they finish Year 12.


Resilience and Relationships

Resilience and strong relationships are key to keeping our Stars fully engaged in their learning and development. Stars Mentors put significant effort into building trust and developing bonds among our young women.

Last week some of our Katherine Stars were taken on an engagement camp to Litchfield National Park, where they took part in a range of challenges designed to build their resilience and strengthen their relationships.

Our young women stepped up to the challenges, successfully completing a high-ropes course and conquering the zip lining, rock climbing and mountain biking activities.

After a relaxing swim in the cascading pools of Buley Rockhole, the group set up camp and sat around the campfire playing night games, before going off to bed for a well-earned rest!


Exploring the Army

Stars from across our Darwin programs visited Robertson Barracks Army Reserve for an exciting engagement activity recently, as part of our focus on Education, Training and Employment.

For the first session, our young women were taken to a lawn area to inspect the armoury, where they met with 10 soldiers who demonstrated the steps to launching a missile. Each missile weighs around 40 to 45 kilograms and it took a team of eight men to direct, assemble and fire one.

After spending some time trying on the soldiers’ 15-kilogram vests, along with their helmets and firearms, our Stars began to understand why our soldiers need to be physically fit!

Inside the ‘Dome’ battle-simulation centre they watched a demonstration of the technology in action, which can bring up a location anywhere in the world. Super Stars, Cerelina and Brenda, volunteered to ‘call a mission in’ and had the amazing opportunity to re-enact a missile bombing.

The final part of the visit was spending time with the Military Police. This was very popular because members of the Dog Squad were there to introduce the girls to an adorable puppy-in-training.

The Forensics Team gave an insight into the types of evidence they can gather at a crime scene, the equipment they take with them, and how they decide if something may be a piece of evidence. Our Stars had an opportunity to work through a scenario and identify items of evidence.

Such an inspiring workplace visit for our Stars, who learnt so much about the different career pathways available in the Army and how they might be able to get involved after finishing Year 12.

Lawyers in the Making?

Our Mentors provide many opportunities for our Stars to explore post-Year 12 career or further study pathways.

Recently, our Casuarina Mentors organised for some of our Casuarina Stars to take part in a Bilata Pre-Law Program Day held by the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA).

They were given information about the Bilata Pre-Law program offered by NAAJA and visited two law firms in Darwin that support the program – Maurice Blackburn and Halfpennys.

As part of the day, the students also had the opportunity to sit in on some court sessions in both the Supreme and Magistrates Courts.

Importantly, our Stars were able to gain a deeper insight into what it takes to become a lawyer, what the job involves, and the support offered to Indigenous students by NAAJA.

Sparkling Smiles in Yirrkala!

As part of our focus on Healthy Lifestyles, our Yirrkala Stars have been learning all about dental hygiene.

The Miwatj Clinic Oral Health Coordinator and dental assistants visited the Stars Room to explain the importance of dental hygiene and how not looking after your teeth can impact general health.

Our Stars heard about the negative effects of poor dental hygiene, including the development of plaque, tooth decay, bleeding, gum disease and, ultimately, the spread of disease to other parts of the body.

They also learnt what foods and drinks are good for your teeth, and which are bad – such as soft drink and sugary foods.

The students had lots of fun using a special gel that showed up the bacteria on their teeth, then learnt how to remove the germs by proper brushing and flossing.

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