Making great choices

Grapes, strawberries, blueberries and nuts – the girls have gone bananas over healthy lifestyles this term! The girls in the Tennant Creek Stars program have taken to the healthy lifestyle information promoting the reduction of sugar intake and making better choices with their diet. With nutritious choices being made at breakfast, recess and lunch the girls have sustained energy to last throughout the school day, bringing on great learning outcomes!!


Healthy Lifestyles

As part of our healthy lifestyles focus, we regularly take trips to local areas to gather bush food. This week we took a trip after school to East Woody and went hunting to get Bush Blueberries. They are a delicious source of vitiman C. On the trip home, one of the girls explained that she liked to go out hunting together because it makes us feel happy and connect with our land. The benefits of these trips extend far beyond the healthy bush bounty that we collect!

Healthy-3 Healthy-2

NHS Stars visit the Police

Stars senior students from NHS visited the local Nhulunbuy Police Station on Monday for an insight into a police officer’s working day. Thirteen young women descended upon the station for a tour of the muster room, the watch house, the interview room and the armoury, led by Senior Constable Kellie Logan and Senior Aboriginal Community Police Officer Trudy Grenfell.

Stars girls had opportunity to view how security footage is obtained, have the items held in a utility belt and their usage explained, sit inside a police vehicle and talk into the radio and give the sirens a whirl. We even learned about fingerprints and DNA!
We also modelled high-vis police vests, hats and batons and submitted each other to our own random breath tests! The girls gained an idea of what an average day is like for a police officer working in a remote community, saw behind the scenes and were quite brave in voluntarily entering the rather formidable cells!

Our visit also allowed us to converse freely with police women and learn a little about what they enjoyed about their jobs and the diversity of the communities they had worked in. Imagine the surprise and delight when Stars girls realised that these women were not only police officers, but mothers too! It was a fantastic opportunity for students to see how modern women can juggle family, community and a high-profile career, and hopefully planted a seed in many young minds.



Katherine Stars Community Project


Throughout the duration of Term 3, the Middle Years Stars students at Katherine were invited to participate in a new community project – The Food Ladder. This project was still in its grass roots at the time, and the girls were asked to help develop it and prepare it for its unveiling to the wider community.

The Food Ladder is an organic garden providing fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables to supply to the community and local businesses, to help support healthy lifestyles. The girls were part of education sessions and learnt how to plant seedlings that are suitable for the climate of Katherine. This knowledge was transformed into creating our own gravity feeders at school and creating a compost scheme to support our school garden.

The students have recently assisted in the first harvest at Food Ladder, and were lucky enough to be part of the filming for a national TV crew broadcasting the event.


Women of the World in Katherine

For the third time, Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre held The Women of the World Festival here in Katherine.

Katherine Stars were lucky enough to be invited to participate in workshops which included puppetry and dance and were invited to join the opening night performance.

The year 7, 8 and 9 Stars students enjoyed a 2-hour session with Broome- based puppeteer, Sandy McKendrick, and Darwin-based dancer/choreographer Kelly Beneforti.

The girls loved the experience, and are hoping that the festival is held in Katherine again next year!!

Katherine Stars Canoeing Adventure

With perfect sunny clear skies in August, the Katherine Stars team took advantage of the opportunity to teach our Year 10 and 11 Stars students some flat-water canoe skills at the Katherine Gorge.

After a sunset hike to the Baruwei Lookout and a nights stay at Nitmiluk National Park, we set out for a four-hour paddle along the beautiful Katherine river.

The girls quickly learned that the key to paddling well is communication with your canoe partner, a bit of effort with your strokes, and working together as a team. The scenery was spectacular for the students, who managed to return back without a single capsize!

Work Experience in Katherine

During Term 2, the Year 9 Stars girls from Katherine went on a number of work placement visits around the Katherine Area.

These visits gave the girls a great insight into the potential jobs available to them in their local community. By visiting a range of workplaces, this allowed the girls to gain a greater understanding about what jobs interested them. Many of the girls started to think about where they could potentially picture themselves working in the future.

Furthermore, local businesses were more than happy to show us around their workplace and tell us about how they got to where they are today.


Katherine Hospital

Finch Café

Finch Café

Katherine Fire Brigade

Katherine Fire Brigade

Katherine Police.

Katherine Police

East Arnhem Stars Trip to Darwin


During Term 4, some of the Stars middle years girls went on an adventure to Darwin. To be eligible for this trip, the girls had to achieve 80% or above attendance, be up to date with work, and be demonstrating the Stars Foundation values around the school. This included embodying the Stars culture of Respect, Pride, Commitment, and Honesty. We had over 16 girls eligible for this trip which was fantastic. We left Monday morning with a very excited group of girls and travelled back on Friday with most girls falling asleep after a big week!

Some of the highlights were Daly River Hot Springs, Laser tag, meeting up with other Stars girls, going to the Cinemas, Leanyer Water Park and the most important part of a Darwin trip… shopping! The girls were fantastic representatives of Nhulunbuy High School and Yirrkala School and of the Stars Foundation. We couldn’t have been happier with the trip. We look forward to more of these adventures in the future. The next big exciting adventure being the end of year senior’s trip to Melbourne.





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Stars Shine Brightly


During Week 7 of Term 3, The Stars Foundation held the first of many beach activities at Casuarina Beach in Darwin. Stars from CSC, Nightcliff, Sanderson and Dripstone were joined by girls from Yirrkala and Nhulunbuy in a fun afternoon of beach sports.

The girls participated in games of cricket, volleyball, and touch football. The girls were divided into 3 groups, ensuring an even mix of students from each program in each activity.  Each group rotated between activities in 10 minutes intervals. Even though some of the girls were unfamiliar with volleyball and touch football, in particular, everybody joined in and enjoyed learning some new skills.

Seeing so many girls in their Stars shirts, enjoying themselves and interacting with students from other locations highlighted how far the Stars Foundation has progressed in just over a year of operation. Activities such as this highlight the Stars culture of Respect, Pride, Commitment, and Honesty.


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Stars Google visit


Three Year 12 Stars graduates from Casuarina Senior College in Darwin were fortunate to visit the Google office in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Alex Lynch hosted the tour and the girls were captivated with the unique workplace and creativity on display. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity and finished the tour with their eyes opened to the diverse workplaces that exist.

Thank you to all at Google for making the visit interesting and so much fun!


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