Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander


Star Interview Outfits!

Three senior Heatley Stars did a great job of putting together their own interview outfits last week, using a set budget of just $20.

After a session on appropriate work attire and effective interview techniques with our Transitions Manager, the three young women were taken to a local op shop to select an outfit.

Each was asked to put together a set of clothes that they felt they could wear confidently to a job interview.

The girls had a great time looking through the many racks of clothing and selecting an appropriate outfit for under $20.

It was an eye-opening experience for our Stars, who were surprised to find so much good-quality workwear at such affordable prices.

They all looked very professional in their outfits – and will be sure to impress any prospective employers!


Raising Awareness of CF

As part of our Community, Culture and Leadership pillar, our Thuringowa Stars organised ‘Red Day’ at school recently to raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

They cooked red velvet cupcakes (yum!) and made red ribbon pins for all 140 of the school staff.

Cystic Fibrosis has a special meaning for our Thuringowa Stars program, with one of our Mentors having a son affected by the condition, as well as two sisters in the Stars family.

Our young women wore their Stars shirts with pride and were thrilled to be able to do something to support their much-loved Stars Mentor, as well as the other families affected.

It was an emotional day for everyone, with the girls learning a lot more about CF and the huge impact it has on people and families.

Well done on a brilliant effort and a fantastic display of leadership, you super Stars!

Indigenous girls holding Reconciliation Week sign

Reconciliation in Jabiru

Jabiru Stars had a busy time during Reconciliation week. They helped to plan the Jabiru Area School Community Day to raise awareness about reconciliation.

At the beginning of the day, two of our Year 6 Stars proudly gave an Acknowledgement of Country.

They also spoke about what Reconciliation Week means and reminded everyone that Reconciliation must live in our hearts, minds and actions.

Our Stars printed some Reconciliation activities for primary students to complete, took photos, led the painting activities, and cooked traditional foods to share with the school community.

Well done, Jabiru Stars!