Who They Are

“I have been in the field of philanthropy for 16 years. During that time, I have seen and supported many superb projects. I have never seen a better, more strategic, more cost-effective project than this one in Australia or in the rest of the world.”     Dr David Morawetz, Founder and Director, Social Justice Fund

Stars Foundation has developed many great partnerships with government, business and philanthropic organisations since its inception in 2015. Stars is very grateful for their support of the work we do to support and mentor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls. We also receive donations from individuals across Australia through our website and we thank them for their generous support.

Stars Foundation is proud that 93 per cent of our overall funding is spent directly on the girls we support through our programs, with only 7 per cent spent on administration. The cost of raising money and managing grant funding as a percentage of our overall funding for 2019 was just 5 per cent.

In addition to the above

      • Ian & Alison McKenzie Foundation
      • Vernon Foundation
      • Goldsmith Family Foundation
      • Rees Family Foundation
      • Sundberg Family Foundation
      • PAYCE Foundation
      • Capricorn Foundation
      • Rob Meree Foundation
      • EM Horton Fund
      • Danziger-Cole Foundation
      • Ward-Ambler Foundation
      • Serp Hills Foundation